Transition for High School to the Workforce Checklist

As a Freshman or Sophomore:

  • As a freshman, talk with counselors and teachers about careers.
  • Make a list of your employment and life goals.
  • Go to your IEP meetings and tell people what kind of job you think you would like.
  • Lead your IEP meetings.
  • Learn social skills and how to get along with others. You can learn this from a counselor or by taking classes.
  • Take aptitude and interest tests to help you decide what your strengths are and the kind of jobs you like.

Junior Year

  • Contact the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) office to see if you are eligible for VR services.
  • If you are eligible for VR services, start to work with the school counselor to develop a plan for work.
  • Become a self-advocate so that you can help yourself.
  • Learn about your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Learn about how you can work with employers to let them know about your disability and have them make accommodations.
  • Be able to tell others about your disability and how it affects your work.

Senior Year

  • Ask teachers, counselors, and employers for letters of recommendation.
  • Check out accessible housing or transportation, if needed.