Transition for High School to College Checklist

Freshman and Sophomore Years

  • Encourage your child’s participation in IEP meetings.
  • Review the current IEP with your child and teachers to make sure you understand what it means.
  • Throughout high school, help your child choose classes that will prepare him or her for college.
  • Help your child understand his or her disability, how it affects their learning, and what they can do to maximize their success.
  • Encourage your child to know their social, interpersonal, communication, and independent-living skills and needs.
  • Discuss various career options.
  • Each year, review with your child their high school transcript. Make sure they are completing the necessary courses for high school graduation.
  • Encourage participation in extracurricular, volunteer, and community activities.

Junior Year

  • Help your child make a list of colleges, and visit the college’s websites.
  • Later in the year, visit three to five college campuses. Have your child schedule meetings with the Admissions, Financial Aid, and Disability Support Services offices.
  • In the spring, contact the regional VR to determine eligibility for VR services.

Senior Year

  • Help your child submit applications for admission and financial aid to the colleges of choice.
  • Continue to visit college campuses. Depending upon your child’s needs, you may need to look into housing, transportation, and the accessibility of both.
  • Consider reading helpful materials available in bookstores, libraries, and on the internet about college choices.
  • Talk to the high school counselors, members of your IEP team, and personnel at the college Disability Support Services office.