The transition out of high school isn’t just about going to college or making a living. It’s about being a part of your community and building a life you love.

Getting involved can be hard, especially in a new town. But you can learn more about your community by joining an organization, asking coworkers or friends, or contacting any of the organizations below.

Spending time with friends and family, being active, participating in community events, volunteering to help others, joining organizations, and having fun all contribute to a high quality of life.

Get involved in your community today!

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is not only great fun, but also a good way to meet people. If you want to get involved, get started by visiting Special Olympics North Dakota’s website.


Getting Around Your Community

Knowing how to get around is vital to the enjoyment of your area. Below is a list of options and services that may be applicable to you.


Young man showing off his drivers license as he sits in a car

Driver's License

Having a driver's license can give you lots of independence. Take the first step by visiting the North Dakota Department of Transportation's driver's license information website.

Young woman looking out window of bus

Buses and Shuttles

If you're unfamiliar with public transit in your area, the North Dakota Buses and Shuttles website will help.